5 Signs You Should Change Your Startup Idea

1. The product does not work, A part of it does

It is possible that part of your solution works exceptionally well, but overall the product does not perform at the same level. This is a sign that you may need to focus on improving things at the beginning that have proved valuable in giving up things that do not. Not only can this significantly increase your productivity, but it can also have a positive effect on your front line.

2. You need to educate your customers on a regular basis

One of your primary responsibilities as a beginner is to let your customers know how your product fits their needs and what makes it the best solution for them. However, it is important to differentiate between acquisition education and problem identification.

3. Your initial adapters do not get the price of your product

One of the benefits of customer interviews and endorsement experiences is that you have plenty of opportunities to test and validate the core of your solution and the most dangerous assumptions of your business even before you create your startup product.

4. Your product switch is not worth the cost

In turn, your product may be worth considering, but it’s not good enough to change. As a rule of thumb, want to take advantage of a pain ratio of 10X, which means that they benefit from your product is ten times greater than the discomfort using their existing solution. If your product is great but not worth it, you may need to work on your competitive edge or find a small market for your personalized solution.

5. Scalability looks questionable

A startup has been created to scale. If you have a great start, but it doesn’t seem to fit the scale of the product in its current form, it may be time to change. Failure of scalability can also occur in financial matters where you do not see how you can grow without losing money. Think about how your long-term goals, funding strategies, business, and revenue patterns align with your growth strategy.



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